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Oil, Gas and Energy Financing

Oil, Gas and Energy Financing

ISBN: 978 1 84374 881 6

Author(s): Howard Palmer

Oil, Gas and Energy Financing covers the whole range of practical advice on every aspect of this wide subject.

Publication Date: April 2011

Price: £199  

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Buying oil, gas and energy products has always been at the forefront of the political risk insur­ance industry and with major wars, riots, civil insurrections and disturbances running in most of the Middle East, the seasoned oil and energy financier may be excused a feeling of déjà vu.

Oil, Gas and Energy Financing covers the whole range of practical advice on every aspect of this wide subject.
Moving from oil letters of credit to Product Sharing Agreements and hedging tactics, every case study, flow chart and example is real and drawn from the author's 25 years spent in banking in and for the Middle East, Africa and FSU countries.

From husk-generated sales, electricity grids and renewable energy sources to hydrocarbons and hedging Uranium, this book deals with:

Pre Shipment Finance Models and Examples
Nuclear Power in the Emerging Markets
Country Risk of Oil Producing Countries and Political Risk Insurance
Back-to-Back Letters of Credit, Guarantees, Forfaiting and all Financial Products
Trader Financing Issues and how to avoid the 'Joker Brokers'
Hydro-Power Projects
Practical solutions in Azerbaijan, Algeria, Ghana, Cambodia, Turkey, The Falklands, India, Ecuador, Uganda, Kazakhstan among many, many others.
Practical, structured energy financing
The reality of oil contract procedures
Hedging with futures and OTC options, swaps and derivatives
Every deal is different and every example and case study is real and has been tested in countries in varying states of their metamorphosis from the (considered) un-bankable to the new world-leading economy. And all the time we have to ensure the kind of securitisation that will satisfy a credit committee. This book will help the financier find the answer that will enable a deal to 'fly', prudently and with the professionalism and risk mitigation that has characterised energy financing over the last fifty years.

This global book will appeal to all involved in financing in and for the emerging markets. A must-have for bankers, traders, financiers and producers, up-stream and downstream.


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