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Dispute Resolution - In Focus

Dispute Resolution - In Focus

An incisive collection of ten key articles, from across the Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC group. "Dispute Resolution – In Focus"

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An incisive collection of ten key articles, from across the Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC group. "Dispute Resolution – In Focus"

Buy this one-off 40 page PDF report and you'll instantly have access to key articles from some of the world's leading financial and legal publications including: International Financial Law Review, Reactions, Managing IP and more...

What's included in this collection?

Japan: When a suit can be a tort - Managing Intellectual Property
Yoshitaka Sonoda of Sonoda & Kobayashi examines a recent case and outlines the implications for patent infringement litigation strategies... (1,834 Words)

Asia Corporate Counsel Poll: Just too many laws - International Financial Law Review
With disputes increasing across Asia but litigation often proving expensive and unwieldy, it's unsurprising that corporate counsel are choosing arbitration. Sixty-one percent of respondents say they have chosen arbitration over litigation in the past year... (3,509 Words)

Mediation tipped to be a key part of dispute resolution - AsiaLaw
Dispute resolution is a fast-growing area of practice in Asia. Regional in-house counsel must contend with questions including the choice of dispute resolution method, use of escalation clauses, and selection of an arbitral seat, as well as dealing with a multitude of jurisdiction-specific issues... (1,400 Words)

Reforming the UK's structure for tax tribunals - International Tax Review
Hassan Khan and Michelle Sloane, of The Khan Partnership, endorse the reform of tax tribunals in view of current weaknesses and an under resourced system... (2,567 Words)

Claims: Mediation – the new arbitration - Reactions
For years, insurers and reinsurers in the UK and US have relied on arbitration as the primary means of resolving claims disputes. But a change is in the air... (3,426 Words)

Singapore challenging Hong Kong as an international arbitration hub - AsiaLaw
Although Hong Kong has a well-established arbitration system with plenty of lawyers available, more and more Asian firms are now turning to Singapore. Lower costs and close ties with India give Singapore advantages for South Asian dispute resolution... (1,106 Words)

Ending the flaws in double tax treaties - International Tax Review
The purpose and function of double tax treaties is one of the hottest issues in international tax. The OECD at its meeting with tax advisers in Tokyo in March identified this as a critical issue. But what are the principal issues? (3,069 Words)

Navigating China's Online World - Managing Intellectual Property
Internet-related IP matters such as domain name and online copyright infringement cases have become increasingly important in China due to China's rapid economic and internet-user growth. To navigate the online world in China, issues related to domain name dispute and internet copyright protection should be considered... (2,222 Words)

Law enforcement strategies - Managing Intellectual Property
In China, the most notable characteristic of the protection of intellectual property right (IPR) is the Dual System of Administrative Protection and Judicial Protection. It allows the IPR owners either to choose administrative remedies or seek the judicial relief from the courts when infringement occurs. The Dual System of Administrative Protection and Judicial Protection of IPR plays an important role in dealing with IPR infringement and most of the infringement cases are settled through this system. In general, the advantages in applying for the administrative protection of IPR are many.... (2,190 Words)

Mutual agreement procedures in greater demand - Transfer Pricing Week
K R Girish and Rohit Jain, of TP Week India correspondent KPMG, report that slow and ineffective resolution of tax disputes has led to a growth in MAP... (1,263 Words)

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